Do you know what the Push present is? If you are a mom, this may interest you

The'push-present', is the English term to refer to the gift that a couple or family gives to the mother to mark the occasion of giving birth to her baby. In practice, the gift can be given before or after delivery, or even in the delivery room.

In more traditional families, it is customary for the push present that the husband or father of the baby gives to the mother, to be a carved stone or a ring, that way, that will be the engagement ring that the baby will inherit at his age. adult when she wants to form her own family.

The gifts vary in price and size, but it is also customary, when you have a female baby, to give the set of jewelry to the baby and the mother, for example, some earrings for the newborn baby and a pendant for the mother, of in such a way that the link between mother, father and daughter is always maintained, through jewelry.

Jewels are much more than "just" an object of desire, they are tradition, they are family, they are memories, they are connection and they never lose their value.

Did they give you a 'push present'? It's never too late to ask!

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